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Submission Guide


Please do not send ANY files through email, use Soundcloud (Link Below), or similar service.

Send mp3’s (192 kbps / 320 kbps) Always Include in Metadata:
1. Artist / Title
2. Writer(s) and splits, if any
3. Publisher(s) and splits, if any
4. Master Owner(s) and splits, if any
6. Contact details including your name, address, phone number(s), email, Web site

Full band, Great rhythm and vibe.
3 sections overall, catchy bass riff with horn melody. Great build throughout track, 70's french connection feel. Wurly/organ solo at 2'35 in climatic end.


Keywords are immensely important with respect to how your music can be found in an endless ocean of other music.  Providing a short and accurate description of each song is IMMENSELY helpful when someone such as a supervisor is trying to find a song like yours.  Keywords may include a description of the 3 or 4 more prominent instruments in a song, the mood, male or female vocal and other descriptors.  We live in a universe of endless data where the SEARCH function has become increasingly critical.

Keywords help people find YOUR material.Send me your sounds

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